Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I considered a bunch of names for this blog but, in the end, the decision was pretty straightforward.

My family and I brainstormed a list of names: Moving on, What's next, Your next move, Into the future and a lot of really neat ones but none of them were available.

I had also thought of three others.

Transition Success and Transition Strategies were high on my list. They are at the core of what succession planning is all about. Succession includes several different versions of transition: transition of leadership, transition of ownership and personal transition from a life centered on work to a life that has a different, equally meaningful and satisfying purpose.

We'll be exploring various aspects of transition in future blogs - as part of succession planning.

I finally came to the choice of SUCCESSION SUCCESS. That covers it all. And it's a phrase that everyone identifies with. And like the old Prego ad 'transition is in there!'

Next time, we'll begin to explore succession planning and the various aspects of transition. And in the future, we'll go lots of other places!

It's good to be with you. See you soon.

Pete Wendel

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here is my first blog entry - after eight years of writing a newsletter.

I'll still continue to publish a newsletter from time to time. The newsletter gives me a space to develop ideas in more depth and to stay in touch with those who aren't into 'that blog stuff.'

The blog format gives several advantages not available with a newsletter.

It's easier for people interested in succession planning to find me through my 'tags' and the search engine system. The expansion of my contacts through the newsletter was mostly people who I had met - a slow process.

Blogs are much easier to publish so I plan to produce an issue much more often that I can so a newsletter.

The interaction with blog readers is more robust. Readers can make comments that I and other readers can read and respond to. The result is more dialogue, more trading of ideas and through that dialogue a greater chance for all of us to learn.

So here we go! SUCCESSION SUCCESS - the blog, is up and running.

Pete Wendel