Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We lost our power today - twice - and I was amazed at how that changed my work pattern.

I couldn't get on the computer - and, of course, I couldn't get on the internet. Besides that, I couldn't use the phone - and no calls came in! In other words, all of my major distractions - the activities that keep me from staying focused - were 'off the table!'

I've often suspected that I have a minor case of ADD (now called ADHD) because it's really difficult for me to work on one task for an extended period of time. I like to 'keep lots of balls in the air' and move back and forth from task to task, doing a bit on one and a bit on another, etc, throughout the day.

Having the computer and the internet and the phone available lets me flit from one activiity to another having a grand time but being frustrated that I don't get more done.

Today was different. The screen was blank, the phone was dead and I was left to working on projects in my notebook. It was a cloudy, gray day, even too dark to read. I still flitted a bit but my 'range of activity' was limited. I could only focus on what I could do in my notebook. I got a lot done!

By the time the power came back on I had made 'real progress' in several tasks that had been 'hanging over my head.' It was a very productive afternoon!

Now the question is 'What did I learn?' 'How will I do things differently, better tomorrow and the rest of the week?'

Only time will tell!