Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here is my first blog entry - after eight years of writing a newsletter.

I'll still continue to publish a newsletter from time to time. The newsletter gives me a space to develop ideas in more depth and to stay in touch with those who aren't into 'that blog stuff.'

The blog format gives several advantages not available with a newsletter.

It's easier for people interested in succession planning to find me through my 'tags' and the search engine system. The expansion of my contacts through the newsletter was mostly people who I had met - a slow process.

Blogs are much easier to publish so I plan to produce an issue much more often that I can so a newsletter.

The interaction with blog readers is more robust. Readers can make comments that I and other readers can read and respond to. The result is more dialogue, more trading of ideas and through that dialogue a greater chance for all of us to learn.

So here we go! SUCCESSION SUCCESS - the blog, is up and running.

Pete Wendel


  1. Pete this is so great! I am happy the first post and look forward to reading more soon!


  2. Pete,
    Looking forward to your spontaneous posts. Capture the thought here on the blog and it's in print for others to read and think about and for you to expand on when you choose.

    Doug Emerson