Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ever since I 'finalized' my mission statement (see the masthead at the top of this blog) a few months ago, I've had an uneasy feeling. It just wasn't quite right.

First, my focus isn't just business owners - its business leaders, both owners and non owners.

My expertise (and my passion) is in two areas:

  • Helping business leaders build the next generation of company leadership - including both their successor and the leadership team - to assure the future success of the company.
  • Helping those leaders plan and implement their personal transition from the business into life after work - what I call their 'third phase.'

Second, ownership transfer, including 'harvesting income upon retirement' is the work of lawyers and financial advisors - people the business owner (hopefully) already has retained.

My role is as a personal coach, team builder and strategic planner - all areas of focus significantly different than the work of lawyers and financial advisors. I might often interact with these professionals but, most of the time, I see myself working directly with leaders and the leaders' team.

So, based on this reasoning, I have changed my mission statement to:

Coaching business leaders contemplating retirement

Who want to leave a lasting legacy and

Build a meaningful life after work.

There, that feels better!

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  1. An interesting and meaningful shift in mission statements here, Pete. As I reflected on your words here I found myself especially curious about "lasting legacy," "life after work," and "third shift." I'll be excited to see how you elaborate on this often neglected phase of life. Thanks for the teasers on a fascinating topic!